Desert Hands - Natural Scent
Desert Hands - Natural Scent
Sonoita Pecan Company

Desert Hands - Natural Scent

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Purposely formulated for dry, cracked hands and skin. Made with light pure pecan oil, rich in Vitamin E and A and smaller amounts of almond and maracuja oils. Unscented. 2 oz screw top tin provides easy access. The deep absorbing balm leaves hands, lips, elbows, heals and skin feeling moisturized.



Pecan oil, shea butter, vegetable glycerin, cetyl alcohol, almond oil, maracuja oil. No preservatives.


Pro Tip!

When first using Desert Hands, apply a small nickel size amount in your palm and rub vigorously and thoroughly into the application area. Allow a few minutes to fully absorb. Repeat daily or as needed.