From Repeat Customer July 2023:
"Hi, I'm writing to let you know that I think your pecan butter is a great product! I have very dry skin all year round. I can't tolerate most lotions that have scents or are greasy. Your product is one of the best I've ever tried. Especially the whipped version. I will order more when I run out. Customer from the Great State of Missouri.
From Tucson Arizona Dermatologist:
"Thank you so much for the sample you sent me of your pecan oil skin moisturizer. I have had the chance to use it, and I think you have developed a very nice product. It strikes a very nice balance of moisturizing without feeling too greasy on the hands. To me, that is one of the most important features of a hand cream. I like the natural ingredients and that it is a locally grown and produced product. My whole family tried it out. My son has eczema, and I get dry hands from frequent hand washing. It worked great."
From Business Owner Donna Federici:
"I used Desert Hands right after surgery and it helped a lot in healing and minimized scaring from the procedure. I like the moisturizing feel on my skin and think it is great!".   
From Anita Stevens Kay:
"Wow. Today while I was stringing up fence to save the cactus from the javalina,
David Green stopped by to give me a sample of his hand cream. I used I straight away on my dirty hands and an hour later I’m still working & they’re still soft. I highly recommend purchasing this product because it works!"

Actual photo from Anita Stevens Kay




From Michele Sanders: 

Hey. Got my order yesterday and tried it on my son last night. He’s a cancer survivor and sometimes chemo and radiation patients have long term issues with scaly skin. He lost all his hair during his 31 rounds of radiation to his brain and it never grew back so he is completely bald. And his scalp just flakes off in sheets constantly. It’s awful. No matter what I put on his skin. So I was excited to try something new. I like the silky feel of the pecan balm.
We rubbed it into his scalp at night, and this morning I was quite surprised that all the oiliness was gone, and his scalp looked great! All bit a few scales are gone completely. A few more applications, and then only after showering and I think his “chemo-scalp” issues are history. I can’t tell you how happy this makes me!
The chemo skin is a common problem. All the lotions on the market are just expensive vaselines, and I think yours is a great solution.